About Us

Scott Towne Architects Boston MassachusettsTowne Architects & Co. blends functionality with iconic, client-driven design. Launched in 2009 by principal Scott Towne, AIA, the firm draws on his 25+ years of design experience, specializing in financial institutions. Towne’s design concepts reflect a deep understanding both of industry needs and challenges and of changing trends in the banking business practice.

What sets Towne Architects apart is the personal touch we bring to each project, from customized designs for small local banks to creating local context for national branches. Each project represents an opportunity for us to serve clients on a more personal basis with services tailored to their particular needs.

The firm is also very involved with design for many nonprofit groups in the Greater Boston Area, a commitment the principal made in starting the firm. In addition to the support and commitment Scott Towne has made to non-profit organizations, Towne recently served as President of the board of directors for the The ARC of South Shore.

One of Towne Architects’ key strengths is its industry focus on financial institutions. We understand and have the pulse on emerging industry trends, and have witnessed both successful changes such as BayBank’s branch recognition/branding rollout and the collapse of supermarket banking in the New England area. This knowledge informs our problem-finding / problem-solving methodology and design concepts.

Towne Architects flexible staffing team is another surprising strength. With technology changing the global economy and business practices, it is imperative to put together the best project team. Towne Architects draws leaders in diverse fields to work with client leadership teams on bringing all aspects of the bank’s delivery system to the table.

Design Approach & Methodology:

Towne Architects’ methodology rests on the idea that good design solves problems while great design finds them. We confront each project from every angle and staff perspective to identify and address challenges and transform these into design opportunities. This creates a personalized approach, with each project featuring details unique to its site and scope of work. We involve all stakeholders in plenary sessions and the design/development process to ensure design sensibilities maximize end user functionality. We also emphasize the importance of including all pertinent bank staff in achieving successful projects and product delivery.

 Our Clients:

Towne Architects Salem Five Bank Architecture